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The premier event for disruptive and sustainable fashion

November 13-14, 2018

Los Angeles Convention Center

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ReMode, the premier global fashion event for disruptive and sustainable fashion, brought together +50 speakers and 900 fashion brands and innovators from across the entire value chain of the fashion business to share ideas, find practical solutions and forge new connections.

The Conscious Fashion Campaign hosted a content studio interviewing industry pioneers and sustainablility experts including model and advocate Amber Valletta, Orsola de Castro of Fashion Revolution and Tamsin Lejeune of Common Objective.

The Conscious Fashion Campaign raised awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals in partnership with ethical concept shop, Galeria.LA, via bespoke product hang-tags. Additionally Lucie Brigham of the United Nations Office for Partnerships joined a panel discussing The Role of Activists and NGOs in Fighting for Sustainable Fashion.


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Conscious Fashion Campaign x Sustainable Development Goal product hang-tags in collaboration with ethical pop up shop Galerie.LA

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The Conscious Fashion Campaign content studio captured insight from industry insiders sharing innovations and their vision of the future of fashion.

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The Role of Activists and NGOs in Fighting for Sustainable Fashion panel welcomed Lucie Brigham, United Nations Office for Partnerships to represent the Conscious Fashion Campaign.

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