The Conscious Fashion Campaign, in collaboration with the United Nations Office for Partnerships, engages leading global industry events, initiatives and activations to facilitate collective action towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

The campaign coordinates advocacy, education and engagement of fashion industry stakeholders to implement responsible business practices that are mindful of social, economic and environmental impact.

The Conscious Fashion Campaign actively supports the Decade of Action and Delivery for Sustainable Development by bridging the gap between the United Nations and fashion industry leaders to enable the Sustainable Development Goals to scale and create effective strategic multi-stakeholder partnerships.


“As the blueprint to achieving a better and fairer future for all, the Sustainable Development Goals address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice. The fashion industry heavily impacts on most, if not all of these challenges. The potential for change when you engage the fashion industry is exponential. If we work together to shape the future of fashion, we will create dynamic impact, innovative lasting change and deliver on our core mission to make the Sustainable Development Goals a reality and make the next decade the most impactful yet.”
Kerry Bannigan

Founder, Conscious Fashion Campaign

“Our Office is proud to collaborate with the Conscious Fashion Campaign and support our shared vision in impacting positive change within the fashion industry. Working hand in hand, I believe we can tap into the resources and expertise of leaders within the fashion industry to make the SDGs a success. With a Decade of Action and Delivery for Sustainable Development imminent, the time is now to be creative and innovative. We need to leverage solutions; scale success stories and catalyze commitment to sustainable business models that support the SDG, and ultimately, secure a future, for people and planet, that we can be proud of.”
Lucie Brigham

United Nations Office for Partnerships

The United Nations Office for Partnerships (UNOP) serves as a global gateway for catalyzing and building multi-stakeholder partnerships to advance the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. UNOP provides a platform for effective partner engagement and works to leverage the assets and expertise of a broad range of partners in furtherance of the SDGs. The Office oversees the United Nations Fund for International Partnerships, the United Nations Democracy Fund, the SDG Action Hub, and the Secretary-Generals’ SDG Advocates. As a member of the UN Fashion Alliance and the founding collaborator of the Conscious Fashion Campaign, UNOP facilitates awareness, advocacy and engagement to achieve the SDGs within the fashion and textile industry.