Ethically Woven, a creative forum for sustainable fashion, food, and beauty, pledged a commitment to the Conscious Fashion Campaign, supported by the United Nations Office for Partnerships, to promote the Sustainable Development Goals and sustainable business practices throughout the United Kingdom. The London based social enterprise founded at The Ministry in 2019 introduces emerging sustainable businesses at trade shows, conferences, markets, festivals and branded events.

Ethically Woven brings together a spirited community of entrepreneurs, media/influencers, conscious consumers, and creatives from art, music, and design through common goals, shared experiences and inclusion.

Noshua Watson, Managing Director, Ethically Woven, shares: “The Conscious Fashion Campaign is an influential ecosystem that transforms the industry both inside and out. Working with the Conscious Fashion Campaign accelerates our ability to reach, inform, and influence change makers to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Ethically Woven has grown from a one-time event into a social enterprise with impact through our partnership with the Conscious Fashion Campaign.” 

The partnership co-hosted a panel last night with Watson introducing the Conscious Fashion Campaign in a fireside chat with the founder, Kerry Bannigan. The Conscious Fashion Campaign presentation attracted a capacity crowd to the venue and  91% of the attendees said they gained new knowledge from the event. The majority of the audience said learning about the Sustainable Development Goals was their favorite part of the event, beyond improving their business, brand or lifestyle. 

Bannigan comments: “Ethically Woven use the Sustainable Development Goals as a blueprint for a call to action. Through their creative forums the Conscious Fashion Campaign mission can be shared with our desired demographic in an informative, experiential and purposeful manner that resonates. We are excited to take our common goals into 2020 and beyond to promote sustainable paradigms as the industry standard.”


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