London based event talk series, Seven Sessions, welcomes the Conscious Fashion Campaign, supported by the United Nations Office for Partnerships, to join the curated theme Summer 2019 discussions focusing on Sustainability and the Environment. Seven Sessions gathers people who are passionate about our planet and in their unique way are taking active steps to confront the sustainability crisis. Their expert speakers share actions that inspire us with a positive approach to improve our present and future lives and businesses.

On August 21st, 2019 Kerry Bannigan, Founder, Conscious Fashion Campaign will join an evening of discussions titled Know The Origin. The conversation will be a guided expert journey for fashion businesses and consumers talking about modern slavery, materials/ fabrics and packaging. Business will learn how to design a more transparent future for the fashion world and consumers how to review and screen their fashion purchase choices.

“We are witnessing a new paradigm being created and the fashion industry as we know it is being redefined,” shared Bannigan. “Conversations such as Seven Sessions are shaping our global actions and perspectives on how to integrate impact into the fashion industry and more importantly how collaboratively as a sector we can achieve Sustainable Development Goals.”

Speakers include Laurel Anderson Hoffner – International Justice Mission, Izzy Joly  – Senior Brand Partnerships Specialist, Avery Dennison, Charlotte Instone – Founder, Know The Origin, Alice Wilby- ‘conscious’ stylist and Sophia Li – Journalist and video director. 

The Seven Sessions series topics include Environment & Activism, Sustainable Business, Sustainable Fashion, Green Tech, Environmental Media & Art and the Sustainable Food Chain. The number 7 represents achieving a higher level of consciousness, awareness and completeness. Seven Sessions is a new community focusing on people and organisations that are living more consciously and in their own way are having a positive impact on the world around us. 

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