At a time when consumer concern for sustainability issues in the fashion and beauty industries is at an all-time high, a groundbreaking new fellowship is launching on July 25th to empower the next wave of content creators to educate the public about industry impact to seed and accelerate change.

modeDurable is an intensive, hands-on fellowship designed to educate media professionals with the knowledge, tools, and skills they need to effectively inform the public on the environmental and social impacts of the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries and the myriad challenges and opportunities that exist.

As one of the planet’s largest industries and employers, and a major driver of environmental degradation, fashion has an outsized role to play in defining and deploying a vision of the future that is sustainable. 

However, inaccuracies in reporting and misinformation about the industry abound. Consumers, meanwhile, are overwhelmed by the confusing and contradictory information they are presented, leaving them feeling powerless to create change through their purchases. There is a need for clarity to cut through the noise. 

In a bid to tackle these issues, modeDURABLE is today announcing its first cohort of fellows participating in the training held on the 25th of July, hosted at Parsons School of Fashion in New York City. The diverse mix of journalists and content-creators with global reach includes: 

  • Noor Tagouri: a multimedia journalist focused on issues of diversity, beauty, immigration, and racial & women’s equality 
  • Jenna Blaha: Technology and Fashion Editor; head of Strategic Projects, ELLE Magazine
  • Sophia Li: a New York-based journalist and video editor who worked on creating and launching VOGUE’s social and digital voice
  • Meg Charlton: a writer, producer, and journalist covering culture, technology, and the environment in Slate, Vice News, and others
  • Kate Arends: founder of Wit & Delight, a lifestyle blog and Instagram with a following of 3.3 million across platforms
  • Chauncéa Carothers: a social influencer, entrepreneur and digital brand strategist who has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Refinery29, and Buzzfeed
  • Ana Hernandez Manrique: a Youtuber and Instagram blogger focused on travel and lifestyle content
  • Aurela Nasedkin: a wardrobe stylist and social influencer with a popular fashion and lifestyle blog
  • Daisy Teh: a blogger who shares content surrounding motherhood, beauty, fashion, and travel
  • Vivian Nweze: a Nigerian-American host, producer and actress formerly of NBC’s Access Hollywood

Kerry Bannigan, Founder, Conscious Fashion Campaign, supported by the United Nations Office for Partnerships, shares: “The media sector is crucial to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. modeDurable’s mission to transform the reporting landscape on sustainability issues in fashion and beauty industries is timely and imperative. We are proud to support their work as we are dedicated to driving change through advocacy, education and engagement of industry innovators to create a sustainable future for all.”

In their first year, modeDurable Fellows will create sustainability-focused content aiming for 20 million impressions by 2020. As the program expands, modeDurable expects hundreds of millions around the world to see content influenced or inspired by the modeDurable Fellowship. 

The day-long, all-expense-paid, interactive training will include interviewing workshops, conversations with subject matter experts, pitch sessions, and inspiration from innovative sustainable brands. 

Confirmed speakers include: 

  • Erin Beatty – Creative Director at Rentrayage
  • Abrima Erwiah – Co-Founder at Studio 189
  • Kerry Bannigan – Founder of the Conscious Fashion Campaign
  • Danielle Joseph – Investor leading Closed Loop Ventures
  • Luna Lee – Human Rights Leader at EILEEN FISHER
  • Ngozi Okaro – Executive Director of Custom Collaborative
  • Linda Patentas – Program Manager, Cities, Supply Chains & Migration at BRAC USA
  • Jessica Schreiber – Founder of FABSCRAP
  • Cayla O’Connell Davis – Founder and CEO of Knickey
  • Natasha Franck – Founder and CEO of EON
  • Ashlee Barker – Senior Manager of Apartment Programs at the NYC Department of Sanitation Bureau of Recycling and Sustainability
  • Spencer Woodman – Reporter for The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
  • Nicole Bassett – Co-Founder of the Renewal Workshop

Following a second day offsite visiting sustainable local brands and retailers, fellows will then be further supported beyond with post-fellowship resources including:

  • Funding for follow-on reporting
  • modeDurable Awards recognizing best content
  • Introductions to innovative brands and designers
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes insights into fashion’s future
  • Access to a trusted database of fact-checked data
  • Inclusion in a unique network that will accelerate Fellows’ green bona fides 

Fellows selection committee:

  • Richa Agrawal – Visiting Associate Professor, Pratt Institute; Founder, Global Shokunin; former Managing Director of the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator
  • Burak Cakmak – Dean, The School of Fashion at Parsons, School of Design
  • Andy Dunn – SVP; Bonobos co-founder and former CEO
  • Kamiu Lee – CEO, Activate
  • Hassan Pierre – co-founder of Maison De Mode
  • Tabea Soriano – Consultant at FutureMade; former Head of Product at Reformation

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About the Conscious Fashion Campaign: 
The Conscious Fashion Campaign, in collaboration with the United Nations Office for Partnerships, seeks to inspire worldwide prominent fashion industry tradeshows, fashion weeks, conferences and speaker series to implement responsible marketing, operations and logistics that are mindful of social, economic and environmental impact. To achieve the 2030 agenda the Conscious Fashion Campaign, founded by Kerry Bannigan, urges industry event leaders to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals into their business models, incorporate circular production solutions, highlight key innovations and facilitate knowledge share. The Conscious Fashion Campaign commits to actively support the Decade of Action and Delivery for Sustainable Development by bridging the gap between the United Nations and global major fashion events to enable the Sustainable Development Goals to scale and create multi-stakeholder partnerships with concrete strategies for action. 
About the United Nations Office for Partnerships:
The United Nations Office for Partnerships serves as a global gateway for catalyzing and building multi-stakeholder partnerships to advance the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). UNOP provides a platform for effective partner engagement and works to leverage the assets and expertise of a broad range of partners in furtherance of the SDGs. As a member of the UN Fashion Alliance and the advisor to the Conscious Fashion Campaign, UNOP facilitates awareness, advocacy and engagement to achieve the SDGs within the fashion and textile industry.