Kanekta, a digital wholesale platform that connects eco-ethical brands from across the globe to independent retailers, partners with the Conscious Fashion Campaign, an initiative championing fashion brands who put impact at the forefront of their business to support the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, to encourage retailers to purchase with purpose.

Retail stores (whether it be department stores, boutiques, gift shops, lifestyle stores or even e-commerce curators) play a vital role in the consumer goods ecosystem. They gather multiple brands into one place, make shopping easier for consumers, and simultaneously serve as a platform to introduce new and emerging brands to help them gain exposure.

The Conscious Fashion Campaign, supported by the United Nations Office for Partnerships, aims to integrate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals throughout Kanekta to educate retailerson supporting conscious consumerism in their stores – harnessing their influence to affect positive change.

The partnership will highlight fashion brands that are working to end poverty, protect the planet, practice sustainability, and raise awareness through meaningful philanthropic and customer engagement initiatives in an effort to transform our world.

“We are thrilled to partner with Kanekta to introduce the Sustainable Development Goals to educate and influence the retailer wholesale buying experience. Businesses are a core driver of the success of achieving a sustainable future of people and the planet;” shared Kerry Bannigan, the founder of the Conscious Fashion Campaign.

The movement towards ethical and sustainable production is progressing. However, ethical brands, although plentiful, still lack representation in the mainstream market.

Together, we can advance the impact of conscious fashion to shift the needle of the $2.4 trillion industry to ensure that nobody is left behind as we accelerate change towards our sustainable future.

By digitizing the manual steps in the order submission and fulfillment process (such as showcasing collection, payment processing and delivery scheduling), Kanekta simplifies a brand’s wholesale strategy while simultaneously enabling retailers to stock their shelves with responsible brands in a matter of minutes. They can place purchase orders from multiple brands directly, through a virtual, transactable showroom, simplifying the process for all parties involved.

Through Kanekta buyers gain:

1. Trusted, Vetted Brands – Kanekta bridges the gap between brands spanning the globe and independent retailers while vetting transparency throughout their supply chains.

2. Streamline Sourcing Solution– Free 24/7 access to a virtual tradeshow with detailed collection specs and sharp product imagery. Manage purchase orders from the multiple brands with built-in payment processing and delivery scheduling.

3. Community of Conscious Retailers – Kanekta helps eco-ethical stores find and purchase from brands that match their values as well as more conventional retailers who want to start incorporating responsible merchandise into their store selection.

Together through collaboration and community building, we can increase the availability of responsible goods within the mainstream market and make ethical purchasing the norm.

If you are a buyer looking for responsible merchandise for your store you can sign up for Kanekta here: https://www.kanekta.ca/apply-to-buy

For any questions please email priyanka@kanekta.ca