The United Nations will be represented for the first time with a stand in partnership with the Conscious Fashion Campaign at the Neonyt Trade Fair and will present its sustainability agenda, which is known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), to a fashion audience as part of Berlin Fashion Week. ‘As global citizens, we have a collective responsibility to address the environmental and social challenges posed by our consumption patterns’, says Lucie Brigham, Chief of Office, United Nations Office for Partnerships. ‘NEONYT plays an important role in mobilizing the fashion and textile industry to take action and contribute to achieving of the Sustainable Development Goals. The United Nations Office for Partnerships is proud to collaborate with Kerry Bannigan and jointly present the Conscious Fashion Campaign at NEONYT to advocate for a new paradigm in fashion and raise awareness of environmental and ethically-sound principles for a sustainable future.”

‘This collaboration ties in with the goals of the last COP24 world climate conference in December. Not only will the Neonyt Trade Fair showcase possible solutions from the fashion industry aimed at a more sustainable future, it will also address the challenges posed by environmentally conscious and socially responsible production’, says Olaf Schmidt, Vice President Textiles & Textile Technologies at Messe Frankfurt. With this highly topical link, Neonyt once again proves that there is no other place in the industry that reflects the topics of fashion, sustainability and innovation in such a holistic way. The goal of the Conscious Fashion Campaign is to enter into direct dialogue with innovators from the fashion industry during Berlin Fashion Week in order to advance the transformation of the industry by implementing the SDGs in global value chains.

Conscious Fashion Campaign and #NeonytGoals
The Conscious Fashion Campaign unites impact driven fashion brands addressing the most pressing issues facing our world today. The initiative aims to harness the power of retailers, media and celebrities to embrace impact driven fashion brands to create positive change and drive conscious consumerism. Supported by the United Nations Office for Partnerships the Conscious Fashion Campaign drives awareness and advocacy to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. During Neonyt, this approach can be experienced in the content studio of the Conscious Fashion Campaign. A Photobooth will invite visitors to digitally explore the Sustainable Development Goals and share SDG selfies embossed with the hashtag #NeonytGoals with their own social media community.

International joint stands from France and Poland

At the same time, Neonyt is becoming more international: joint stands from France and Poland present progressive sustainable fashion from Europe. Behind the French joint stand SloWeAre is an online platform of the same name that has bundled offers from the sustainable fashion cosmos ever since the start of 2017, such as a shopping guide for sustainable fashion, a magazine and eco fashion tours. At the Neonyt Trade Fair, SloWeAre will present the highlights of France’s sustainable fashion scene, such as the minimalist unisex label Antagony, the organic lingerie label Olly, the trainer brand N’go shoes and the Made in France label Aatise, which will be making its debut at the fair. The yoga brand Dancefiber and SloWeAre will be present, too.

The Wear Polish stand is a collaboration between the Adam Mickiewicz Institute and Polish designers who have chosen to focus on sustainable production. The Adam Mickiewicz Institute is part of the brand, a public institution dedicated to promoting Polish culture abroad. Part of the stand is also the brand Surplus, where artist Magda Buczek fuses artivism and visual poetry to form edgy streetwear made of recycled clothing. The Nago label creates high-quality bodywear made from biodegradable materials, while Pat Guzik combines Slavic with Asian culture and brings together streetwear with high fashion.

At a Peruvian community area sponsored by the Ministerio de Comercio Exterior y Turismo,.labels Graciela Huam, Jose Miguel Valdivia, Maqu and Petit Kolibri will present their collections, which integrate regional specialities such as alpaca wool and Pima cotton. Together with the Centro Associativo de Inteligência Têxtil, four other brands will be coming from Portugal to translate cork fabrics typical for the country into contemporary designs. In addition, new international labels represented at Neonyt include Story of Hope, Pure Waste and Costo (Finland), Son de Flor (Lithuania), the bed linen label Lavie (Switzerland), Above Studio (USA), Museknitwear (Denmark) and Dressarte (Russia). Continew (Korea) will once again be exhibiting at the fair.

Moreover, Neonyt collaborates with the GWAND Fashion Festival (Switzerland), for the first time. The sustainable fashion festival will present itself at Neonyt. The collaboration will be extended until the coming edition of GWAND, which will take place in the Swiss city of Luzern from 25 to 28 April 2019.

Neonyt, the global hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation (15 –17/01/19) consists of the Neonyt Trade Fair, the conferences Fashionsustain by Messe Frankfurt and #Fashiontech by Premium Group as well as the design thinking format Thinkathon, the Neonyt Fashion Show, showcases, the influencer and blogger event Prepeek, networking events and, last but not least, the Neonyt party. The hub replaces the former trade fair duo of the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin and Greenshowroom.

About the Conscious Fashion Campaign: 
The Conscious Fashion Campaign, in collaboration with the United Nations Office for Partnerships, seeks to inspire worldwide prominent fashion industry tradeshows, fashion weeks, conferences and speaker series to implement responsible marketing, operations and logistics that are mindful of social, economic and environmental impact. To achieve the 2030 agenda the Conscious Fashion Campaign, founded by Kerry Bannigan, urges industry event leaders to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals into their business models, incorporate circular production solutions, highlight key innovations and facilitate knowledge share. The Conscious Fashion Campaign commits to actively support the Decade of Action and Delivery for Sustainable Development by bridging the gap between the United Nations and global major fashion events to enable the Sustainable Development Goals to scale and create multi-stakeholder partnerships with concrete strategies for action.
About the United Nations Office for Partnerships:
The United Nations Office for Partnerships serves as a global gateway for catalyzing and building multi-stakeholder partnerships to advance the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). UNOP provides a platform for effective partner engagement and works to leverage the assets and expertise of a broad range of partners in furtherance of the SDGs. As a member of the UN Fashion Alliance and the advisor to the Conscious Fashion Campaign, UNOP facilitates awareness, advocacy and engagement to achieve the SDGs within the fashion and textile industry.